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The Jornada IM Manual

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Information Management at Jornada Basin LTER

This is the full documentation for the Jornada Basin LTER Information Management system, covering technical aspects of our data publishing process, data management tools, and administration of public-facing information like the website and data catalog. Researchers and data users should start at the Jornada IM web pages to get started with Jornada data management. This is a DRAFT document.

Table of contents

Preface: The JRN LTER Data Management Plan


  1. Research & data management overview
  2. Policy and procedures
    • Research notifications and approval
    • Data access policies
    • Metadata and data submission
  3. General systems administration
  4. Data collection and quality assurance
    • Archiving data on network shares
    • GCE and MATLAB extensions
    • Scripted QA/QC
  5. Metadata collection and standards
  6. JRN Metabase
  7. Publishing Jornada datasets
  8. Project management
    1. Project database
    2. Personnel updates
    3. Publication updates
  9. The JRN website and other communication platforms
  10. Tools and apps
    • Guide to Jornada-IM repositories
    • Analytics apps
    • DSIS
  11. Hacks
  12. External data, partnerships, and collaboration
    • Collaborations with USDA-ARS data managers
    • Asombro data
    • NEON data
  13. Annual reports