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Resources for researchers and data managers at the Jornada Basin LTER and Jornada Experimental Range. Contact:

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Welcome to the Jornada IM (Information Management) site. We support data management, informatics, and data science activities associated with research at the Jornada Basin LTER (JRN) and Jornada Experimental Range (JER). This site is under construction

For Researchers

Jornada PIs, postdocs, students, and staff scientists, visit the For Researchers page to find:

For Data Managers

Jornada data managers visit the For Data Managers page to find:


The Jornada IM team develops software tools to assist with the research, data curation, and publishing process. These include:

Visit the Guide to Jornada-IM GitHub repositories for more information.


For questions about collecting, publishing, and accessing Jornada data or metadata please contact the site Information Manager (

If you are plannning to conduct a new research project at the Jornada, see the JRN website or the JER website (the requirements are similar for both) and contact the Research Site Manager, John Anderson (